Mother's Day: Disney Princesses Reimagined as Queen Mothers!

For this Mother's Day, I wanted to imagine the typical Disney Princesses in the roles of Queen Mothers. It was so special to see the bond between the girls who played the princesses and their mothers who we were able to dress up as the queens they are. I hope you can see the love that they share! Happy Mother's Day!!!


**all credits listed at end of photos**


"Words can never tell how much you mean to me.

Your price is far above rubies, and you're a great inspiration to me.

You're still so very young at heart, and youthful in your soul.

I will forever keep."

-Amber, to mother-in-law, Bonnie


" 'I love you mommy! I love you mommy! I love you mommy!' (Kid History, episode 6, Healthy Food)

I love you very, very much! I may not show it all the time, but how could I? Is it possible to write a letter to you and craft a passable word of thanks?

Nothing I could say or do could adequately express my love and gratitude for you. Honestly, I don't know if I will ever know the full measure of your character, testimony or faith, but anyone can see that you are a formidable force, a hurricane of efficiency. You whirl through every day with the strength and power of angels at your back and set the world in order, never tiring, keeping our lives running like a well-oiled machine. You have taught me so much, but I am most grateful for your example! You have always made time for me, even when there was no time! You have helped hone my virtues into who I am today.

I love you so, so much, no matter what crazy teenager mood I'm in!!

Happy Mother's Day!"

-Lexi, to mother, Lisa


"Dear Mom,

You might not have noticed, but I've been watching you. From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to be just like you. I carefully pulled on the old dresses you gave me for my costume chest and paraded around the neighborhood telling everyone I was a princess, but what you might not know is that princess on the pedestal in my imagination was you. You recognized my hunger to be artistic, and encouraged me where other parents might take pause, like the way you let me play with your makeup from the time I was in kindergarten. But you knew how my heart soared when you let me be creative. I became doggies and duchesses, tigers and clowns, but the beauty I most wanted to emulate was yours. (Thanks for saving me from that awkward junior high transitional makeup phase by the way- I was an old pro by then!) Little did you know back then that the Beauty I was after didn't come from your makeup, or your dresses, or jewelry. You sparkled from the inside out.

You and dad took my dreams of becoming a singer seriously, and gave me wings to fly and a soft place to land if I fell. Mom, you also led by example what a life loving others looks like every moment of every day. No days off, no excuses. You introduced me to my Heavenly Father, and no matter how your health failed you at times, you still managed to make everyone else you ever met or saw feel better for having interacted with you. It would have been so easy for you to retreat and hold some epic pity parties- goodness knows you had every reason, but instead you gave generously, worked tirelessly and never lost your joy. It pours from your heart, beams out from your smile, shines through your eyes and follows you wherever you go. And here's the best part- it's contagious.

There are a few celebrities and public figures I admire, but no one holds a candle to you. You've shown me what a real princess is- someone who is a daughter of the King. Someone who is so close to Him that she has inherited His royal attributes. She gives freely, loves openly, and spreads hope and joy inevitably. I've been watching you, mom, and you're not fooling me. Your crown may not always be visible, but you are a princess, and the queen of my heart. I love you Mom! Happy Mothers Day!"

-Traci, to mother, Elizabeth


"Linda, 'it's no wonder that her name means beauty.'

I'm writing this as I stay at my mom's home, recovering from an unexpected hospital trip, and I struggle to put into words how incredible my mother truly is. Since I've been here, she has anticipated my every need, down to even the most seemingly inconsequential things that mean the world to me. This morning, she came into my room and asked if I needed a notebook and pen, just because she knows I love to write, especially when going through something difficult. I had been feeling so alone, and that felt like such a small but profound, tender mercy and gift to me. It is so astounding to have that in your life, a mother like mine. Someone who just understands you, attuned to your needs before you even ask, who is always there to remind you of the beautiful and special daughter of God you truly are. And because she is always there to remind me of my beauty, I wanted this opportunity to remind her of her own. From the first time we see her face, our mother is the most precious thing we know. The beauty between mother and child is so deep, it reaches even beyond the surface of our faces and touches our very soul. With nine children, she is consistently going back and forth, trying to give all of herself to make sure no one slips through the cracks or gets left behind. She selflessly does this for us, and she selflessly cared for her mother, who passed away when my own mom was still in high school. Throughout her life, she has remained resilient, yet kind, and especially, beautiful, inside and out. I can't think of any more perfect queen than Belle to pay tribute to my own queen mother."

-Bethanie, about mother, Linda


"Dear Mom,

You are an amazing mother to my siblings and me. We wouldn't have grown up to make you proud without your love and support throughout all our lives. Through all the tough times in life you always put us first. You are such a kindhearted, selfless, and loving person. I'm so thankful for having you as my mother.

With Love,

Leslie Nhan"

-Leslie, to mother, Chi


"Hey mom!

Thank you for being so supportive of every weird thing I do! You're so kind, thoughtful, and unselfish. You are everything I want to become when I grow up. I love you more than all the raspados in the world."

-Richard, to mother, Stella


PHOTOGRAPHY: Tony Ross /// IG @tonyross001 ///

COSTUMING (unless otherwise stated): Nephi Garcia AKA Designer Daddy /// IG @designerdaddy_ /// /// ///

WIGS (unless otherwise stated): Royal Enchantments /// IG @royalenchantments ///


Princess, Wig, MUA: Amber Arden /// IG @amberarden

Queen: Bonnie

Location: Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Gardens ///


Princess: Lexi Mae Walker /// Twitter & IG @leximaewalker ///

Queen: Lisa Walker

MUA: Audry Foote /// IG @audryfoote

Location: Wadley Farms /// IG @wadleyfarms ///


Princess, MUA, Wig: Traci Hines /// /// /// Twitter & IG @TraciHines ///

Queen: Elizabeth Oden

Queen Wig: Jessica Mills /// IG @jmillsmakeupandhair ///

Princess Crown: Carrie Calloway /// IG: @scarletharlowdesign /// ///

Location: Victoria Beach


Princess: Bethanie Garcia /// IG @bethaniegarcia /// ///

Queen: Linda Wadley

MUA: Audry Foote /// IG @audryfoote

Utah State Capitol ///


Young Warrior: Leslie Nhan /// IG @les_n13

Adult Mother Mulan: Chi Huynh

MUA: Nephi Garcia /// (see above for links)

Location: Chua Dieu Ngu Buddhist Temple ///


Princess, MUA: Richard Schaefer /// IG @theofficialariel ///

Queen: Stella Schaefer

Princess Belt: Aldrin Gotianun /// IG @theleatherukulele

Location: Downtown Riverside, CA





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